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I have normal skin

My skin is :

  • Soft and velvety
  • No enlarged pores or blemishes
  • Uniform and bright
  • Firm and bouncy
  • Rarely uncomfortable

Very rare, it is the ideal skin! The oily and aqueous phases of its hydrolipidic film are perfectly balanced and ensure an effective barrier function. Gentle and regular care will help it to preserve its natural harmony and delay the appearance of signs of skin aging.

My daily routine :

1. I cleanse my skin with a make-up remover oil to remove cellular debris without altering its surface hydrolipidic film.

2. I nourish my skin morning and evening with plant oils rich in antioxidants to protect it from external aggressions.

3. During summer, I replace my morning oily serum with a non-drying tinted skin care product to enhance my skin's radiance. In winter, I apply both to strengthen my skin barrier.

4. Once a week, I exfoliate my skin with a scrub to encourage cell renewal.

Moisturize your skin according to your age

All skins, all ages

From the age of 30-35, adapt the dose to your skin.

From the age of 16-18 until 35 to 40


Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics, what is it really?

acide hyaluronique est un glycosaminoglycane naturellement présent dans le corps humain, composant des tissus conjonctifs (peau, cartilage, liquide synovial, ?il?),

Why macadamia oil ? Read and learn more

De composition proche de celle du sébum humain, très fluide, l?huile de macadamia est parfaitement absorbée



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