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The details of our formulas

With Epicosm oleo-serums, all you have to do is a single treatment to nourish, moisturize, protect and regenerate your skin, morning and evening..

Their cosmetic versatility is based on carefully studied formulations offering a tolérance optimale pour toutes les peaux, même les plus sensibles.

100% active, 0% risk

Vegetable oils, ancestral allies

Vegetable oils alone constitute complete cosmetic care.

Vegetable oils are acclaimed for thousands of years for their multiple virtues on the beauty of the skin.. Their richness in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids reinforces superficial skin lipids all in respecting the epidermis acid pH and thus its anti-bacterial function.
True treasures of nature, they are essential to maintain a perfectly balanced skin..

L?Macadamia oil occupies a special place in our formulas. Originally from Australia, its exceptional palmitoleic acid content and its composition very close to human sebum makes it ideal for all skin types, from oily to dry.. This is the reason why it is present in all our oleo-serums!

Zero water dilution for maximum efficiency

Because the water included in cosmetics brings absolutely nothing to your skin, you won't find a drop of it in our formulas.

Water accounts for 70 to 80% of emulsions. It is therefore 70 to 80 % of inactive ingredients, since Water cannot pass the lipid barrier. (oily) skin and evaporates largely during application. It is mainly used fora solvent that plays no role in moisture retention? unlike fats!

  • No water = no preservatives (no microbial contamination possible).
  • No water = no additives (pH adjusters, stabilizers or surfactants).
  • No water = more active ingredients.

Reinforced anti-aging action

Our vegetable oils are energized by complementary active ingredients to better target the aggressions of a modern lifestyle.
  • Polar lipids Their double affinity with water and oil restores the quality of the intercellular cement and reinforces the hydrolipidic film to promote superficial and deep skin hydration and guarantee a high level of protection against external stress factors.
  • Pyrrolidone carboxylic Acid (PCA) The NMF is a constituent molecule of the natural moisturizing factors (NMF), it has humectant and moisturizing properties that facilitate the capture and fixation of water on the stratum corneum.
  • Vitamin A, E et Coenzyme 10 : powerful antioxidants, they protect cells from free radicals and activate the regeneration of keratinocytes. They stimulate the synthesis of NMF, epidermal lipids, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for a firm and plumped skin.
  • Vitamin C, lipoamino acids and other active ingredients Depending on the treatment, we add specific active ingredients that treat recurring skin problems, such as radiance, firmness, wrinkles and spots. All are selected for their safety and effectiveness proven by dermatologists.

Pure and safe formulas

We keep only the essential ingredients to offer you truly effective and safe care.
  • No adjuvants or additives (preservatives, surfactants, dyes, etc.) superfluous.
  • Essential oils freeThese may be irritating to sensitive skin and sometimes photosensitizing.
  • No controversial substances (phthalates, PEG, parabens, synthetic perfumes, silicones, etc.), potentially toxic or endocrine disruptors. 
  • Allergens free, the 26 most at risk listed by EC Regulation 1223/2009.

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