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Vegetable oils are the base of Epicosm oleo-serums..

Nutrient rich and highly penetrating, they melt on the skin to interact with it as close as possible to its physiology.

They act both on the surface and in depth for unbeatable, visible and long-lasting results.

The must of natural hydration
Give your skin what it really needs

Forget the great speeches of the advertisers and the beautiful marketing promises of your pots of cream : The the only water that truly hydrates your skinis the one you drink !
Every good cosmetic has only one role:
Maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin by limiting the natural evaporation of water stored in the dermis..

Normally, this barrier function is ensured by a 90% lipidic protective shield that prevents water from entering or escaping.. But its effectiveness is undermined by aging and external aggressions. 

This is where our vegetable oils come in! Thanks to their richness in fatty acids, they strengthen the superficial horny layer and its intercellular cement and restore the integrity of the hydrolipidic film..

This improvement in the skin's barrier function leaves it perfectly moisturized, plumped up, supple and softer than ever before..

epicosm soin texture huileuse non grasse noix de macadamia

Light and innovative textures

Rediscover the pleasure of a healthy and luminous skin...

No, vegetable oils do not grease the skin !
On the contrary, it is the traditional emulsions (creams) which, due to their high content of additives and their difficulty in passing the superficial lipid barrier, tend to deposit a more or less occlusive film on its surface.

Vegetable oils, for their part, can be threaded through the stratum corneum in just a few seconds. and sublimates the complexion with an ethereal glow, no shine or stickiness.


We give particular importance to the selection of the oils that make up our oleo-serums.. We marry with care dry and oily oils to meet the physiological needs of the skin, while guaranteeing an inimitable sensory experience thanks to evanescent textures that merge with it..

Unlike mineral oils and silicones, they do not clog the pores and let the skin breathe.

Excipients 100 % actifs

Infuse your skin with bio-available nutrients.

Vegetable oils are naturally active: in addition to their precious fatty acids, they are full of vitamins, antioxidants, squalenes and phytosterols that give them great cosmetic benefits suitable for all skin types : 

Their intrinsic properties are doubled by a high affinity with the cutaneous tissue which allows them to penetrate the epidermis in depthThey take with them the regenerating active ingredients they contain to optimize their deep diffusion..

They thus ensure a powerful potentiating effect contributing to make our oleo-serums true beauty concentrates.

Les incroyables bienfaits des huiles végétales pour la peau - Epicosm

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