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"I wanted to create a different cosmetic that seeks the softest intimacy with our skin. Without giving up the radiance and anti-aging effectiveness."


The creator, Estelle Piron, is a woman of science who became a Doctor of Engineering specialized in natural polymers, those emollient, film-forming and moisturizing substances found in all cosmetic products.

After having worked in large laboratories she co-founded her own, VIVACY. This adventure is a success. For 15 years, she éstudiesthe skin alongsidetdermatologists and medical specialists, and files a dozen patents, including lines of hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle-filling injectables, currently leaders in the aesthetic medicine market (including STYLAGE® ? VIVACY).


After this hectic start to her career and professional accomplishment, she moved to Australia in search of serenity and inspiration to make a fresh start.
There she discovers aboriginal art, so enigmatic and original, very much linked to nature and full of ancestral beliefs*. The approach of beauty based on the use of simple and natural ingredients inspires her. Macadamia oil in particular, very widespread there since it is of Australian origin, is a treasure of hydration and softness for his skin.

It is during this journey, between wild beaches and deserts of red earth, that the concept of its future products takes shape.

Wishing to combine the treasures of nature and her know-how, she will design anti-aging, healthy and effective cosmetic products. Products that are simple and pleasant to use, without controversial or harmful additives. Gentle anti-aging care products that envelop, moisturize and protect us, packaged in chic bottles that are easy to take with you on your travels.


The needs of deep skin are well known and, for the creator of EPICOSM, hyaluronic acid is the best way to satisfy them. An essential component of the dermis, it is its water reservoir and is perfectly biocompatible.
On the other hand, if the dermis is very rich in water (about 80%), the superficial layer of the epidermis on the surface of the skin is mostly lipidic. So it is not hyaluronic acid that the skin needs on the surface, nor water, but lipids !

Moisturizing your skin well - that is to say, avoiding dehydration -, protecting it well, helping it to regenerate from the inside, allows it to maintain its beauty and health.It therefore seems essential to him to focus from now on meeting these needs of the skin.

Ancestral vegetable oils, which blend naturally with the lipidic surface layer of the skin, are what it needs every day to be well nourished, moisturized, soft and radiant. Among the many vegetable oils available, the composition and properties of macadamia oil are extraordinary, its ideal texture !
By adding other oils with complementary properties, vitamins for radiance and anti-oxidants to help cells regenerate, these oils become complete care, and the skin can draw what it needs.


It is in the heart of the Alps that Estelle Piron deepens her many ideas, validates her concept and her first formulas in mid 2017. She pays particular attention to the textures of the care products and their fragrances, in order to obtain sensations of well-being and softness upon application and non-greasy, non-glossy finish. A first patent and a second one are registered and lead to the development of a complete range of oleo-serums.


"Light" beauty oils to boost radiance and maintain youthfulness while preserving health.

To better meet the expectations of softness, it also integrates a new beauty gesture: application by "fresh" and massaging roll-on. !

Ideal to protect the ingredients from oxidation, to use only the desired dose and better target certain areas, this packaging is in perfect harmony with the values of simplicity and eco-responsibility sought.

Inspired by aboriginal art, the design of the packaging reflects the values of the designer. This Australian art, so creative and simple at the same time, so characteristic of man?s attachment to nature, symbolizes the identity of EPICOSM.

EPICOSM combines the knowledge of a specialist in anti-aging and medical ethics with the need for a return to basics, naturalness and transparency.

* Aboriginal Art :

Australian Aboriginal art, one of the most ancient arts (more than 40,000 years old), is inspired by Aboriginal beliefs about their origins "The Dreamtime" that they wish to perpetuate, so that the world continues to be beautiful. Otherwise, according to their beliefs, the world would decay and become a dead land again.

This spiritual art represents in particular the itineraries of the "great ancestors" creators (demigods, animals, plants, etc.), the myths at the origin of their evolution, nature and the earth in all their splendor, it perpetuates the memory of their people.

Thus, aboriginal art is characteristic of a deep attachment and respect of man for nature and its beauty.v


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