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Les témoignages et avis de professionnels sur nos soins


"The EPICOSM range is a cosmetological revolution both in terms of the innovative cosmetic principle and in terms of appreciable and unexpected galenics. The products are made of vegetable oils alone, purified of any chemical products that are not essential for therapeutic purposes. The brand's serums are easily applied with the help of roll'on and the impression of comfort and optimal hydration is quickly felt. This range is sufficient in itself and makes the use of other products completely obsolete. Packaged in glass bottles, it replaces other serums and creams. »

Doctor Stephane AUROY

Dermatologist- Dermatological Surgery
Winner of the "Factulté de Médecine de Paris" award
Former Head of Clinic of the Hospitals and Universities of Paris
126 Bd Saint Germain 75006 PARIS

"The principle of composition of EPICOSM care is well thought out, the results obtained in terms of hydration, radiance and the feeling of well-being of the skin are fast and very good. The skin does not shine, the texture is particularly penetrating and leaves the skin soft. The convenience of a single treatment to meet the needs of the skin morning and evening is an undeniable plus.
The application by roll'on is particularly hygienic on previously cleaned and dried skin, very pleasant and practical! Personally, I only apply Eclat & Fermeté, morning and evening, a little Terracotta and that's more than enough.
I recommend it every day to my clients in post-aesthetic procedures, which minimizes the risk of reactions on skin that may be weakened by the procedures performed. The feedback to date has been very positive. »

Doctor Maryna TAIEB

Esthetic Doctor
11 avenue d'Eylau 75116 PARIS

"EPICOSM oleo-serums differ from today's anti-aging products thanks to their 100% lipidic composition, which makes them perfectly adapted to the skin's constitution. These compositions based on vegetable oils do not contain allergens among the most at risk, no essential oils, no preservatives. In terms of effectiveness, the active ingredients contained in the oleo-serums are well known for their anti-aging activity and safety of use. The presence of ceramide-type molecules ensures a better quality of the stratum corneum, resulting in a good hydration of the skin. The roll-on packaging is pleasant to use. The surprising textures of the treatments penetrate well, allow a good massage of the face, do not shine and leave no oily sensation on the skin. The use of one of these oleo-serums in the morning and in the evening provides a good anti-oxidant protection, ensuring good hydration and promoting the regeneration of the skin, while avoiding controversial cosmetic additives. I think it is a practical and innovative, natural and effective range. »

Doctor Annick PONS-GUIRAND

Dermatologist - Allergologist
10 Boulevard Malesherbes - PARIS 8ème